InnoVista Sensors™ is our New Corporate Parent Name

On December 1, 2015, Customs Sensors & Technologies (CST) the parent firm of Crouzet Motors, following the sale of portfolio brands BEI Kimco, BEI Sensors, Kavlico, Crydom and Newall established its new corporate identity as InnoVista Sensors™. Company InnoVista Sensors™ is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing sensors, controls and actuators. Mission Our mission is to innovate for the future via reliable, efficient & customizable automation … [Read and See More...]

Electric Motor Valve Actuator With 30 Positions Via Software

The second video in our electric motor valve actuator series shows how to use the Crouzet DCmind brushless motor and its accompanying DCmind-SOFT to program up to 30 positions of valve actuation. In this new three-minute video, Crouzet Motors Product Manager, Michel Nicol, walks you through using the Valve Actuator template and a combination of inputs 1 through 5 to set up precise opening and closing of a valve. Electric Motor Valve Actuator Setup Made Easy … [Read and See More...]

Peristaltic Pump Motor Dispensing Software and DCmind Motors

Peristaltic pump motor dispensing is now easy with the new application template for pumps in the DCmind-SOFT program that accompanies Crouzet's DCmind Brushless DC Motors. To show how truly quick and easy it is to work on a variety of pump applications when powering them with the Crouzet DCmind Brushless Motors and Gearmotors take a look at the following two-minute demonstration video. Dispensing Made Easy With Smart, Brushless Peristaltic Pump Motor In the … [Read More]

FHP Motors Overview Newly Released from Crouzet

To keep up with the growing line of differentiated fractional horsepower electric motors and gearmotors available from Crouzet, we have released a new FHP Motors Overview. Simply click the blue FHP Motors Overview link above to download your copy now. FHP Motors Overview Contents Just in case you want to know in advance what you'll be getting when you click on the blue "Download" link above, here's a quick preview: Full-size, tri-fold (six page) PDF file … [Read More]

Valve Control Software, 4 Positions, With DCmind Brushless Motors

Many processes and various types of OEM machinery require different levels of valve actuation, based on specific inputs. In the past, this may have required special control hardware and valve control software design. Today, however, valve adjustment is easily accomplished using the simple valve control software that accompanies smart DCmind Brushless Motors designed and manufactured by Crouzet Motors. Valve Control Software Integrates With DCmind Brushless Motors To … [Read More]

PLC Motor Control and Crouzet Millenium 3 Competitive Benchmark

Many OEMs use PLC motor control in one form or another. Likewise, many OEMs may be paying a lot more and getting a lot less if they have not considered the advantages and value offered by the Crouzet Millenium 3 Smart programmable logic controller which enables the control and monitoring of machines or automation installations with up to 50 I/O. We'll make it easy. Simply click the blue Crouzet Millenium 3 Benchmark link above to download your copy … [Read More]

CANopen Brushless Motors from Crouzet

Offering greater motion control and automation integration, Crouzet Motors introduces availability of CANopen® Brushless Motors. The new communications protocol offering allows design engineers to connect multiple Crouzet brushless motors to the various components in their system, reducing wiring and installation costs while at the same time increasing system communications and integrity. CANopen Brushless Motors Networking Capabilities Offer Greater Control and … [Read More]

Brushless Motor Dosing Software Demonstration

Brushless motor dosing applications are growing in industrial, commercial, water treatment, laboratory and medical applications. To make it easy for customers to program their own unique dosing applications, Crouzet Motors has developed a new brushless motor dosing application for use with its DCmind motors. To illustrate what the brushless motor dosing software does, this impromptu 30-second cell phone video was captured at the recent Association for High Technology … [Read More]

Brushless DC Motor Components Explained

Understanding Brushless DC Motor components will help show why Brushless DC motors are so much more reliable, require no maintenance and offer virtually unlimited lifetimes compared to conventional Brush DC Motors. But first, for proper perspective here's a quick overview of "Brush" motor components. Looking from the outside-in, a Brush DC Motor has a stator made up of a metal enclosure surrounding attached magnets that create a permanent magnet field. The … [Read More]

Integrated Brushless DC Motor Video Demonstration

Integrated Brushless DC Motor use is growing and ease of setup and use are very important factors in choosing one. This ad-hoc video demonstration shows in less than two and a half minutes how easy it is to set up and use the Crouzet DCmind Integrated Brushless DC Motor. This video was captured during an informal presentation of the DCmind Integrated Brushless DC motor by Crouzet regional sales manager, Todd Ervin, while visiting with channel partner, Simcona … [Read More]

Custom Electric Motor Adaptations by Crouzet Motors

A good custom electric motor solution can be achieved in more than one way. Recognizing that, Crouzet Motors has developed a process to work with customers seeking a custom electric motor to meet their specific application needs. Crouzet's Custom Electric Motor Adaptation Wheel     To meet market expectations and provide customers with the right solutions within the shortest timeframes, Crouzet Motors has structured its processes around the different … [Read More]

Quiet DC Motor Video From a Crouzet Channel Partner

Crouzet's quiet DC motor expertise has been recognized by Simcona Electronics in a new impromptu cell phone video added to their website. While Crouzet's Todd Ervin was giving an informal demonstration of what a truly quiet DC motor sounds like, Simcona, as a Crouzet Motors distributor, captured the moment. And it only takes half a minute to demonstrate a truly quiet DC motor. The Quiet DC Motor Known as DCmind Brush When Crouzet set out to design the new … [Read More]